Story by author, Jay I Hadley
A man and his sheep.

Pet sheep "Bubba". His life ended by a cougar.

Sheep make good pets. When you raise them on a bottle at a very young age they can get acting just like a pet puppy dog.

April 5th 2010: A cougar came in to or property in rural Oregon and killed our pet sheep Bubba. Bubba was a big whether, an orphan lamb my wife Kathy and I bottle raised.

pet sheep bubba and cougar

"I know it was a cougar because I caught it on video when it came back to where I'd buried him."

Bubby was an orphan lamb we raised from a bottle born 4 years ago. We got him and Lou at the same time. We called them Bubba Lou. They are just like members of our family. This picture was taken when Bubba was a year old. He got to be about 250 lbs. I feed them grain every day to keep them around. They get alfalfa hay, hay pellets and dry cob in the winter. Bubba was never sick a day in his life. This cougar came in and hit the sheep in the barn where they sleep. I think Bubba tried to fight his attacker. He was like that, so sure of himself and who he was. The king of the sheep met the king of the forest and the Bubba lost his life. Lou and I miss Bubba every day. He was one of a kind sheep. He was special, a character.

Four years latter in the spring of 2014 a Cougar hit the sheep again and killed a sheep named Finny.

sheep named finny

Finny was 8 years old and was reared on a bottle the same year as Bubba, 2006. Lou pictured right is the last surviving sheep from bubba Lou and Finny two.

The UDA Wild life services trapper took a cougar off the neighbors property shortly after Finny was killed. The neighbor had lost about 9 head of sheep. That cougar was probably Finnies assassin. No more sheep have been killed since. Updated August 2nd 2014.

sheep named Bubba

Well that sheep had a friend. Bubba was special. I miss him every day there was something special about Bubba and there is an empty place in my heart where he ounce was.

It turns out the lamb I am raising this year, Jesse Boo is just like Bubba was. He is a very friendly cuss, follows me around and wants to be petted and goofed with like a dog.